Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Needles to drug addicts in Albany Diocese

 As reported over at Catholic Culture, H. E. Bp. Hubbard has approved a proposal to give out free syringes to drug addicts, to stop the spread of AIDS.

“I understand there will be questions, but this is common sense,” said Sister Maureen Joyce, CEO of Catholic Charities. “I strongly believe in this. It will save lives.” “From a theological standpoint, we're not being faithful to our mission if we don't reach out to people addicted to drugs, too,” Sister Joyce added.

This is an interesting letter penned by a recovering drug addict to Bishop Hubbard, who is strongly against this idea. 

Personally, I think this is an absolutely terrible idea.  I think that even IF this saves some lives, it might cost more lives by encouraging and enabling drug addiction, and at the very least, save LESS lives than using these funds in other ways to reach out to our addicted brethren. 

Thoughts?  I'm not a fan, but I say that with no authority.  Regardless, this is a group that should always be in our prayers.

O Divine Physician, for all of the addicts in the world who are suffering, whether or not they know they are addicted, or realize they are suffering, we pray that you may grant them the grace to depend on You alone, and break their dependence on evil vices.  For those recovering, we pray that You may grant them the strength to sustain their freedom from enslavement to these vices, and for those who spend their days helping to break addiction and aid recovery, that they may do so with charity and love, and always with Your divine assistance.

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  1. How long before they hand out condoms to protect against the spread of AIDS? This is a terrible idea. The Church in Albany is essentially aiding in illegal drug use, if this is indeed truly happening.

    ~Dr. K