Tuesday, January 26, 2010

March for Life, the Mainstream media, and hateful pro-aborts

As we all know, the March for Life is already the annual protest march on DC. Or maybe you don't know that.  Maybe you also don't know that the crowd there was mostly young people, under 30.  Maybe you don't know that young women were everywhere, supporting the right to life.  Perhaps you also didn't know that it's been growing every year, and the past two years have been the two largest marches to date.

But I'll tell you something, all of that is true.  Furthermore, the NMM (National Mainstream Media) IGNORES this at best, and LIES about it at worst.  I saw (count 'em) ZERO counterprotesters this year.  I'm told there were roughly 100. 

300,000 to 100.  300-1.  That's the ratio.  AND THE MEDIA DOES NOT SEE FIT TO REPORT THIS?

I will give the WaPo credit for this article, which told at least part of the story.

I will note a few of the ignorant comments on the story here.  I apologize in advance for the crudeness and hateful language the commenters take. 

"blah blah blah ... To me, these animals lost the right to the "pro-life" title when they decided that killing abortion doctors is OK (This was IMMEDIATELY denounced by every reputable pro-life activist.  In fact, the topic was HUGE on Catholic radio stations throughout the country, noting precisely that the killing of George Tiller was NOT what we stood for.) They are nothing but "anti-choice", falling in line with such American concepts as communism and nazism. (Might I note that he is backwards here?  Communist China forces abortion on women. Please, please, please tell anyone who survived a concentration camp, or lost loved ones in the Holocaust whether this is a reasonable argument.  It's not.)  If you don't like abortions, don't get one. (also, if you don't like slavery, don't get a slave.  See how stupid this argument is?  I know 50,000,000 pro-life Americans who couldn't be in Washington.  They were all aborted in the past 37 years) I have to wonder how many of these teenage anti-choice folks have had secret abortions so their parents wouldn't find out what sluts they really are." (Clearly, this commenter is just chock-full of hate.  Why don't we classify things like this as hate speech, Mr. President?  He touches on a point, though.  This happens.  It's reprehensible.  I doubt those folks march on Washington--I suppose some do.  SILENT NO MORE is a WONDERFUL organization

"How dare you equate this march by the Right to Life Mob as anything related to the issues which MLK stood for, or slavery for that matter. (I'm actually going to go a bit further.  This one's worse.  Separate but equal still meant "alive."  So did slavery.  Yes, they were terrible human rights offenses, but at least the enslaved and those discriminated against were alive.)Ignorance is just that ignorance. (you're a genius) At least MLK had a realistic agenda and was an informed member of our society. He had a truly legitimate cause, to bring legitimacy to the issues of race which palgued our nation when he was alive, and even now. " (and...incidentally, MLK's niece Alveda has linked abortion to slavery, and is a pro-life activist.  She also believes that her uncle felt the same way.  Just saying!)

"In the 21st Century it is imperative that children growing up in our world today aren't taught that the discussion of sex is a SIN.(It's not.  Sex is great.  It's just that it goes hand-in-hand with marriage.  The Church teaches that sexual intercourse is a blessing.  It just needs to be done correctly within the marital covenant.) Also, issues such as palying (sic) with oneself will neither put hair on one's palms or cause one to go blind. (uh...way to go, Einstone) Way too many Americnas (sic) still haven't come to terms with the reality that their children are growing at a much faster rate knowledge-wise than in the mid-20th Century. (Let me rephrase that, folks: Way too many Americnas (as it were) still haven't come to terms with the reality that their children NEED PARENTING MORE THAN EVER!) It is the parents of these children, myself included who must be conscientious of this reality, and not punish our children by threatening with going to Hell should they do something wrong realted (sic) to sex. (This reminds me of hide-and-seek when I was a toddler.  I'd close my eyes and insist that "I can't see you, so you can't see me." In a similar fashion, I'm fairly certain that pretending Hell doesn't exist doesn't make Hell cease to exist.) There's nothing wrong with teaching one's children how to live responsible lives. It's another parents ignore the fact that teenagers still haven't developed the capacity to make all the responsible judgment calls for living." (so, here's your teachable moment, folks:  When you screw up, there's a way to get out of it without consequences.)

"Abortion is wrong, and shouldn't be used in place of contraception. ("Life begins a conception, and abortion begins at contraception")But, too(sic) bring children into our world who are being put up for adoption or who are simply abandoned, because their single parent can't afford to take care of them is just as wrong."(actually, adoption is a wonderful thing.  And I think we all agree that the abandonment of children is reprehensible and illegal  So, no, giving a child up for adoption is not "just as wrong" as killing him.)

"The marchers themselves are the strongest arguement(sic) FOR abortion. Their arrogance trying to force their prejudiced bias (unlike the women seeking abortions who...force their "prejudiced bias" on their children to the point that...they...die?  I say, ask the kid.  Hey, kid, how'd you like to be aborted?  No, that doesn't sound appealing?  Huh, because your mother really seems to like the idea) onto a human being so far has only been exceeded by the Roman catholics insisting the Sun went around the Earth, the Earth was the center of every celestial object, and that Gallileo was wrong. (alright, honestly?  We're pulling the Galileo card?  This was the dominant worldview at the time of Galileo.  It's not like the church came up with it and was obsessed therewith.  But fine, in 2000 years, the church has wronged one dude.  Give me another example and i'll listen to you)The combination of ignorance, prejudice, arrogance, and political power is a precurser to another Dark Age. Margaret Sanger had it right. The child-raping Priests do not have a clue, about anything at all.(riiight.  can I just leave this one alone?  See how hateful these folks are?)"

Well, folks, there's just a couple of the more obscene comments.  Don't be an idiot


  1. Who are these people???

    Also, I did see a few protesters... maybe twenty (or pushing it, thirty) by my headcount, though they were pretty well hidden beneath an enormous banner with a baby on it. 100, huh? That's impressive. We still had a heck of a lot more. And I know the official count is 300,000, but that's what it was two years ago (as far as I can remember) and I'd rather put this year's pro-life count up at half a million.

  2. some people have speculated as high as 500,000 but i figured i'd go about where it was generally counted