Wednesday, January 13, 2010

St Lawrence, St Joseph's, St. Rita's, and St. Louis Schools to become parish-run?

Well, folks, you've probably heard the news already

St Lawrence, and three other schools are likely set to become financially independent from the Diocese of Rochester, yet the DoR would maintain the right to hire, fire, and set curriculum.

This has sparked no shortage of outrage already, stemming largely from either
1) The DoR retaining control over the school, despite not funding it
2) The refusal of the DoR to postpone this decision, despite parish desires (Note: The DoR also refused to allow the postponement of the closings of schools last year, and is trying to close St Thomas the Apostle Church without much waiting, as well.  They've developed something of a gung-ho tendency here)
3) The fact that multiple schools which were closed against the will of the people, and the refusal of the DoR to allow these schools to become parish-run!
(or some combination of the above.)

But I'm ever the optimist, folks:! Recall that Fr. Frank Falletta, and Fr. Kevin Murphy, pastors of St Lawrence and St Louis, respectively are not exactly known for their orthodoxy.

Also, recall that St Joseph is planning a renovation that isn't exactly traditional.

As for St Rita's, I have never been there, nor do I know anything about Fr Chuck Latus.

My point, however, is this:  Maybe it's a good thing that the DoR is keeping control of curriculum and staffing.  Why? As much as the Diocese can lack Catholic orthodoxy and frown on tradition (and Tradition), individuals and parishes can, theoretically be worse.  Secondly, I presume that the DoR will not always have this theological bend-perhaps it is good that our next bishop will have control over the curriculum taught in our schools, and won't have to jump through hoops to get it.   

For the concerned folks of the four affected parishes, just pray that this is a positive change for the future of your children and your parish. 

I'm curious to see how the forcibly already-closed schools are allowed to react.  Could, say, Holy Cross now reopen its school?  What about parishes that have lacked schools for years? It is at least a possibility for growth in the future.

In the interim, we need to do our best to support Catholic education, by donating time, money, goods, and above all, prayer.

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  1. St. Rita is a fairly small church in terms of physical size, though not attendance (over 1,000). The tabernacle is located on the central axis, but in the back of the church. They have a small chapel in the back which has a glass wall along the side which faces the church proper. The tabernacle is basically fused into this glass wall and is visible from both the chapel and church. There is a normal crucifix in the front center of the church. I don't recall any statues in the church proper, but they had a few nice ones in the gathering space. It appears to be a newer edifice, or at least remodeled recently. The St. Rita school is located to the left of the church building.

    I don't know much about Fr. Latus. He was at one point head of the DoR priest's council. Fr. Hoan Dinh, ordained in 2007, is parochial vicar of St. Rita. He seems alright.

    ~Dr. K